8 Garden Trends for 2015

January 5, 2015
Echinacea flower

As years pass, newer generations are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint and consciously working towards living more responsible lifestyles.  In striving to support an eco-friendly green lifestyle, personalized backyard gardens are trending now more than ever.  Forget the typical cocktail party gathering indoors: garden parties are all the rage.  Garden Media agrees in their 2015 Garden Trends Report “Unearthing the Best Life” recently released. Here are some of the up and coming garden trends for 2015:

1.  New Consumers

Mike Lieberman gardener

Image credit:  EcoSalon

Gardening isn’t just for your grandmother anymore.  Hispanics, millennials, and young men are trending as the newest gardeners for 2015.

2.  Wellbeing

Vegetable garden

Image credit:  OakleyOriginals

Living well isn’t about shopping in the produce aisle at the local grocery store or taking trips to the local spa.  It’s all about growing our own fruits, vegetables and herbs, and turning our gardens at home into a personal sanctuary.

Taking pride in our community and the immediate environment in which we live plays a huge part in how we feel.  By nourishing our surroundings, we soothe the soul and create beauty throughout the spaces we work, live and play in each day.

3.  Color Pops


Image credit:  Steven Depolo

It’s all about personality.  “Now, more than ever, the garden is an extension of self,” says Susan McCoy, trend spotter and president of Garden Media. “What you cultivate and grow, either inside or out, reflects your personality and the healthy lifestyle you have chosen to live.”

So what color palettes best express your style?  Are you more of a natural, romantic, expressive, traditional or contemporary?  Check out Flower Advisor’s quiz to find out which flowers match your personality type.

4.  Garden-Tainment

Garden entertainment

Image credit:  Miss Kait

Hosting indoors is so last year.  Take your party to the next level by creating a space outdoors to garden-tain your guests. The possibilities are endless — check out these ideas to get started.

5.  Bite Sized Decadence

Container garden

Image credit:  BRF Klätterträdet

It’s all about those sweet little somethings.  Even the smallest outdoor garden, patio or balcony can be packed full of style with use of colorful arrangements set in bold containers.  Consider trying low maintenance Million Bells or cacti and succulents to add decadence to any space.

6.  Portable Gardening

Container garden

Image credit:  Stephanie Booth

Take your garden wherever you go with mobile planters.  This provides more flexibility for those short on space or renters on the move.

  • Wheelbarrows
  • Recycled goods such as pallets, milk jugs and baskets
  • A retired barbeque grill

Find other great ideas like these from The Micro Gardener.

7.  Rebel Hoods

Group of Chickens

Image credit:  One Acre Farm

Farm life meets city life in the ever-growing Rebel Hoods across the U.S.  Residents are rebelling against ordinances to live greener and more self-sustaining lifestyles.  From clotheslines to chicken coops, people are finding new ways to save money while providing for their families.  Many join a sharing program to split their bounties with others providing goods and services.  Rebel isn’t a bad word in these hoods — it’s all about sharing and caring.

8.  Bed Head

Native plants

Image credit:  CNPS

Conserve water and effort by enhancing your lands with plants native to your area.  This type of natural landscaping reflects the environment which surrounds it and provides a no-fuss garden which is intentionally unstyled.  Natural landscaping is not just for the countryside.  Some of the most appreciated natural landscapes can be found where least expected.


Living a more organic lifestyle will positively impact the health of you, your family and friends as well as the planet we all share together.  Practicing the art of gardening in 2015. Surrounding yourself with the beauty and wonders that nature has to offer is the best way to turn a trending hobby into a way of life that will keep you feeling great all year long.

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