“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” –Marcus Tullius Cicero

 mary bethHi there!  My name is Mary Beth and I’m the creative genius/effervescent wit behind This Wild Lifestyle.

I would perhaps most aptly describe myself as a pioneer woman trapped in the body of an urban twenty-something.  Don’t get me wrong, I can Netflix binge and troll the internet with the best of them, but my true passions have always been of a greener sort.  Green-thumbed gardener, avid hiker, and skillful tree climber limited only by my paralyzing fear of heights, I’ve always found that everything’s better outside.


blueberry-gleaningIf my verbosity didn’t already tip you off, I spent my formative years studying 19th-century American literature in the rural sprawl of south central Pennsylvania.  There I had ample opportunity to steal blueberries and other produce from the fields of local farmers (kidding!  It was for a Food Kitchen program, I promise!).  Since then, I’ve swapped rolling pastures for the urban jungle and my giant backyard for a tiny balcony.

Now I spend my days writing and plotting my future-garden in my future-life in which I’ve retreated to the countryside to while away the days.

This Wild Lifestyle is truly for the love of all things outdoors (see what I did there…).  Here you’ll find the latest on gardening, natural living, and my sporadic musings on the meaning of nature. It’s my hubristic hope that this will inspire you to reconnect with nature and, at the very least, bring the outdoors in.



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