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The Best Fall Flowers for Your Table

October 13, 2014

Spring may be notorious for sprouts and blooms, but floral centerpieces look great year-round. Just because flowers will always look great on your table, however, doesn’t mean you should be using the same varieties throughout the seasons. On the contrary, flowers can speak for the time of year and should be left to do so. Daffodils and tulips pop and say, “Spring!” while dahlias and purple coneflowers glow and say, “Summer!” Here are the absolute best fall flowers for your table.

With daisy-like flowers blooming in the late summer and throughout the fall, aster practically asks to be placed on your table. Choose from natural white, pink, purple or blue shades to match the space you’ll be decorating. Because they’re so light and airy, these flowers can be blended in arrangements with others to create a versatile and attractive mixture.

Mums, more formally known as chrysanthemums, are the flower of fall. Their ideal spot is right next some pumpkins on the front stoop or placed bouquet-style in the center of your table. They come in tons of different colors and shapes, so the possibilities are endless. Some look like daisies while others are more like round buttons.

Red and orange mums reflect the autumn season, and can be matched with other more colorful counterparts to add that decorative zing. Plus, an added bonus: mums can last multiple weeks in arrangements without wilting, browning or falling apart.

Marigolds, like mums, come in a variety of colors. Mostly their shades are autumnal, like yellow, orange, red and blends of these. Cheery colors, right? They’re like little buds of optimism just waiting to tune up your room’s atmosphere.

They’re subtle yet bold and add a twinge of appealing odor to the space. Leave them in planters or craft a tiny centerpiece with the flowers alone. These little cuties look great paired with orange and yellow roses, so go ahead and give that combo a try.

One of the most decorating-friendly flowers in existence, sunflowers can easily take your tabletop from dull to boast-worthy. They’re sunny by name and will definitely add light and positivity to any room in your home. Because they’re so big and bold, sunflowers can look great even when standing alone; a single sunflower in a vase can look just as nice, if not nicer, than a bulging collection of other flowers. But they also look great in groups, mixed with tall grasses, or blended in a fruit basket.

There are so many tabletop arrangements to be explored with sunflowers; however, they don’t keep as well or as long as other flowers. They’re sensitive, and actually prefer water without flower food in it. No matter how much you tend to your bouquet, though, sunflowers can begin to brown and fall apart in days, so consider the floral upkeep when picking these for your table.

Lilies are so trendy and delicious that people put them on wedding cakes. So why not place some on your table for fall? There are numerous species, with the Red Spider and Toad varieties looking especially appropriate for autumn. They come in pinks, oranges, reds, white and more — too many colors to list. Match them with green leaves or tie your look together with some silky ribbon. Lilies also look fabulous when embellished with pearls displayed in glass or wicker.

These five flowers will have you wishing for fall in the spring. They’ll deliver absolutely eye-catching centerpieces with so many color and species combinations that you could never be bored. So go ahead; take your boring tabletop and turn it into something seasonally magical.

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