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5 Can’t-Kill-‘Em-if-You-Tried Houseplants for Beginners

September 29, 2014

If you’ve never cared for houseplants before — you’re not even sure if you have a green thumb or not — you may be a bit anxious about bringing the outdoors in. After all, who wants to invest in an indoor garden only to see those plants wilt and wither? Fear not. There are several species of plant that can survive and thrive with minimal care, and that can bring more than just beauty to your home. Houseplants have many benefits, including fighting pollution and filtering the air. They can even boost your mood and make you happy. Here are five of the best houseplants for beginners. Let them boost your décor and your attitude.


Spider Plant

Spider plants are among the most popular houseplant there is. Plant them in baskets or place them atop columns; their graceful, arching leaves will spill over in a waterfall effect. Eventually, offsets will spring forth, hang down and will slightly resembling the plant’s namesake. This makes for an impressive display, and those little plantlets can be repotted to provide you with even more spider plants.

Spider plants can tolerate most any temperature and are not picky about light. Water when soil feels dry to the touch, and trim off any dead leaves with a pair of scissors.


Snake Plant

The snake plant — as well as the closely related Mother-in-Law’s Tongue — is a plant that grows upright, with stiff leaves about three or four feet tall. Leaves can either be banded or with a yellow border. These plants make for a striking display and are especially impressive in groupings. They are native to Africa, so they bring a touch of the exotic to your home.

Snake plants are especially hardy and can withstand most any condition, although they prefer bright light. They are hard to kill; just be sure not to overwater them.



If it can thrive in the desert, a cactus will certainly do well in a beginner gardener’s home. These plants are easy to find; just about any garden center or even many grocery stores carry them. There are myriad varieties of cacti, from ball cactus to agave to varieties named after holidays, such as the Christmas and Easter cacti. Some have spikes and some bloom flowers. It’s easy to find a variety that best suits your taste.

Cacti like bright light and don’t require much water. They can easily withstand neglect, so they make a perfect plant for absolute beginners.


Lucky Bamboo

This plant seems to be an office staple, and it’s no wonder. It can thrive amid neglect and poor lighting conditions. It is a beautiful, large potted plant that can be grown in either water or soil and will brighten up any corner of your home. In fact, many people believe that it brings good luck to homeowners and it is a popular Feng Shui plant.

The Lucky Bamboo likes bright, indirect light. If potted, mist with water every couple of days; if in a water container, make sure roots are covered with water.


Golden Pothos Vine

When you think of houseplants in hanging baskets, this is the plant that most commonly springs to mind. They are a visually stunning specimen with large green and yellow leaves that grow easily and form impressive cascades. You can always cut them back if they become too unruly. These popular home plants are famously easy to care for and very tough.

They like bright, indirect light and a warm environment. Keep soil moist during its growing season; you can cut back on watering during winter.

These five plants are hardy, beautiful and can withstand most any condition you throw at them. They are perfect for beginners and will add warmth, style and happiness to your home for years to come. They may even help you cultivate that green thumb.

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