15 Ways to Have the Happiest Year Yet

December 29, 2014
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Let’s face it; New Year’s resolutions just don’t seem to ever really pan out. Every January we create a list of self-improvement strategies, only to throw in the towel by February. As we all make resolutions with the overall goal of more happiness, it’s important to figure out how to get there. Instead of signing up for a gym membership or throwing out your junk food, having a happier year and bettering yourself can simply call for changing your mindset and outlook on the world. To help you get started, here are 15 ways to have the happiest year yet.

Assess Your Circle of Friends

Our friends are a hugely important part of our lives. However, if you find that spending time with your friends doesn’t make you feel happier, more relaxed, appreciated or loved, it may be time to assess your circle of friends. By spending less time with friends who are catty and shallow and spending more time with friends who are genuinely caring and supportive, you will have more positive relationships, increasing your happiness.

 Be Genuine

After a while, faking kindness and happiness can become both mentally and emotionally exhausting. Instead, when you communicate with others, attempt to be as genuine as you can. If you ask someone how they’re doing, really mean it. Your sincerity will go a long way to make others feel appreciated and for you to feel more connected to others.

Don’t Get Wrapped Up in the Little Things

Whether you’re at school, work, or with friends and family, it can be all too easy to get caught up in drama. While drama and gossip may seem important at the time, it actually can make your outlook on life a lot more negative than it has to be. When faced with these scenarios try your best not to get involved and simply let it go.

 Appreciate Yourself

There’s no need to deny it: You’re awesome. Unfortunately, you may not get the praise that you should from others. So, take it upon yourself to show yourself some appreciation. Undoubtedly, taking some time to treat yourself can only make you happier.

Be More Grateful

It’s safe to say that we all are guilty of not being as thankful as we should be. If we have a roof over our head, enough sustenance, friends and family, we’re pretty lucky. So, instead of complaining about being stuck in traffic, be grateful that you have a car and somewhere to go. By choosing to adopt this frame of mind you will undoubtedly begin to view the world in a more positive way.


Do Something You’ve Been Dreaming About

If you have a bucket list, checking something off of it can bring huge amounts of happiness. Doing something that’s on your list can be as simple as seeing a new movie or can be as exotic as going on a tropical vacation.

Let Go of What You Can’t Change

Face it, there are many circumstances (and people) in your life that you have no control over. While it can be all too easy to fret, as you remain powerless, the only thing you do is cause yourself anxiety. While this isn’t an easy suggestion, do your best to use your focus and energy on what you can change.

Show Kindness to Others

Being kind to others is something that many people don’t do often enough. This year do your best to be kind to others, whether it’s talking to a friend in need, volunteering or even just opening the door for someone. There’s no doubt that the kindness that you give to the world will come back to you.

Follow Your Dreams

It’s true that following your dreams is easier said than done. However, if you have the motivation to help you accomplish your goals – no matter the size – they can become a reality. Once you decide to give it your all and accomplish your goals, the sense of pride and joy that follows will be truly unmatched.

Live With Less Stress

It’s no secret that stress can cause us both physical and mental harm, including fatigue, a lower immune system, headaches and insomnia. To live a happier and more relaxed life, learning how to minimize stress is vital.


Refuse to Settle

When you’re stuck in a rut, it can be more than difficult to be your happiest self. As settling can take many forms including a relationship, job, education or physicality, getting yourself out of a slump won’t be easy. However, a lifestyle change that can bring you immense happiness and rid you of regret is worth it.

Be Healthy

As our health directly correlates to happiness, you owe it to yourself to be healthy. While you don’t have to spend hours at the gym or eat kale for breakfast, lunch and dinner, being more mindful about your health can help you to tune into your body and make better choices. These positive health choices can in turn make you feel better, attributing to overall content.

Rid Your Life of Negativity

Life is too short to let it get overruled by negativity. Whether it’s the people you spend time with, your work or your living environment, cleaning your plate of negativity is an absolute must to make room for more positive and inspiring people and endeavors.

Take New Opportunities, Even if They Scare You

Sometimes a challenge or a little fear can do amazing things for self-confidence, self-worth and happiness. By taking on an opportunity that both terrifies you and gives you a run for your money, you will feel pride in taking on the challenge and may even find that you enjoyed it too.

Relish in the Little Things

If you look close enough, every thing and every moment has beauty in it. If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed with insurmountable obstacles or the big picture in general, stopping to see the beauty in something as small as a flower bud or a song on the radio can bring happiness when things seem sparse.

This year, do everything you can to be your happiest self. By taking the time to appreciate the amazing things and people around you – and especially yourself – you can find pockets of happiness almost everywhere. Tackling larger obstacles like challenging yourself or refusing to settle can fill you with complete pride and boost your self-worth. However you choose to do it, if you put achieving happiness at the forefront of your life, you won’t regret it.

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