Holiday Gift Guide for Gardeners

December 1, 2014
Holiday Gift Guide

Know someone with a green thumb? Want to give them a thoughtful gift this holiday season, but have no idea where to start? While it may be winter, and downright chilly in most parts of the country, it’s never too early to get them thinking of Spring with your holiday gifts. While all these gifts are practical in nature, they can also be fun as well as thoughtful. The gardeners in your life will surely appreciate any of these gifts this holiday season (because I know I would!). Here is your holiday gift guide for gardeners:


Tools and Gardening Gear
One of the easiest things to grab from your local hardware store, or while online shopping, are tools to help keep their garden beautiful.

Garden hose
Garden hose
Image credit:  The Perfect Garden Hose

Sounds uber-practical, right? But it can also be incredibly useful if you get one that won’t kink, such as this hose from The Perfect Garden Hose. This uniquely designed hose may be on the higher side, but that just means that the gardener in your life might not necessarily get it for themselves. Available in local stores as well as online retailers, it’s typically priced between $55 and $60.


Image credit:  Burke Decor

To keep gardens from looking unruly, and to trim those shrubs and flowers, these pruning shears from Wild & Wolf can be a thoughtful gift. It’s also a multi-purpose product, as it can be used to dig up vegetables. These are available online for around $25.


Watering can
Watering can
Image credit:  Amazon

Help them hydrate their garden with watering cans with long spouts, making it easy for them to reach the back of their garden. Many companies make them but they can be bought online or in stores for a whole range of prices from the low end of $35 or so to well over $150!


Gardening gloves
Gardening gloves
Image credit:  Williams-Sonoma

Gloves are a must-have in any gardener’s toolkit, and they need to be nice and sturdy so they can get down and dirty. Leather gloves, such as ones from Williams-Sonoma, easily protect the hands while making it easy to work in the garden. Williams Sonoma’s gloves range anywhere from $10.95 to $39.95.


Whether they have a big space for a garden, or a small one, planters can add a great touch to any space. If you know their style, even better. But here are a few more unique options.

Hanging Planters
Hanging planter
Image credit:  Justina Blakeney

Are they limited by space? Grab them some decorative but handy hanging planters, which will give them plenty of room to grow. Or, be inspired by Pinterest and create your own planter for them, which gives the gift even more meaning!


Wall pocket
Wooly pocket
Image credit:  Woolly Pocket

Another version of a hanging planter, a Woolly Pocket is actually a living wall planter, perfect for the environmentalist gardeners in your life. Each pocket is $40.


Decorative Items
Another way to help gardeners spruce up their yard is with some decorative items that can add some pizzazz to their space.

Sun Jar
Sun jar
Image credit:  Suck UK

These lights will cost the gardeners in your life nothing in electricity, because they’re solar powered! They fuel up during the day and shine brightly at night, perfect for a backyard get together. While available for a variety of retailers, Suck UK offers them in a variety of colors for $40 each.


Living Roof Birdhouse
Living roof birdhouse
Image credit:  UncommonGoods

Encourage the beautiful sounds of birds chirping by gifting a bird house. But not just any birdhouse, but one that fits right into the landscape. Even better, this birdhouse from Uncommon Goods is handmade and available for $125, but must be purchased before December 5 to guarantee delivery before Christmas.


Image credit:  bambeco

If they’re itching to start gardening despite the cool temps, bring the garden indoors by getting them a creative terrarium that they’re free to spruce up in whichever way they choose. Bambeco offers a range of terrariums, most for around $40-45.


Help Their Garden Grow!
There may still be some time before Spring returns, but that doesn’t mean they can’t start getting ready or thinking about what they’ll be planting when warm weather returns.

Seed bombs
Image credit:  visualingual

Just throw and grow this unique seed “packet.” There’s a range of unique options, from wildflowers and herbs to catnip, and it can get your favorite gardener excited about the growing season. Some seed bombs from this Etsy shop can even be used indoors. All are priced at $7, a steal considering how many plants you’ll get from one bag. And you can keep the decorative bag too!


Herb basket
Image credit:  The Tasteful Garden

Grab a whole gift basket designed to make it easy to create and maintain a herb garden both inside and out from Tasteful Garden. Depending on what’s in the gift basket, prices start at $39.95.


Still looking for a gift for a gardener who seems to have anything? Think about get them a membership to the American Horticultural Society. Not only will it get them issues of the society’s magazine but also reduced admission to a number of gardens and gardening shows. Memberships start as low as $35, meaning there’s a membership price point for anyone!


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