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How to Arrange Flowers Like a Pro

September 15, 2014
Floral arrangement

You don’t need to spend big bucks to have a professional flower arrangement for your home. All you need to do is grab some beautiful flowers and arrange them in an even more beautiful way. Here’s exactly how to arrange flowers like a pro.

Save Money

To get started, you’ll obviously need some flowers. But you don’t need to head to a florist. Rather, save some cash and shop at the grocery store. Pick flowers that are in bloom, but also make sure that they’re in season to ensure you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck. Plus, seasonal flowers will tend to look better for longer.

Flower store

Image credit:  Bas de Reuver

Prep Your Flowers

To keep your flowers fresh, cut their stems as soon as you get home and put them in water immediately. Warm water in particular helps them bloom. Adding plant food to the water too can help keep them healthy and as fresh as possible.

Arranged garden flowers

Image credit:  Constança Cabral

Keep Them Upright

Keeping the flowers upright is key to making a professional-looking flower arrangement. One way to do this is to create a grid with clear tape over the top of the vase. The professionals most likely do not do this, but it can help you place your flowers and keep them looking full and, of course, upright. Another way to do this is to use flower foam, which has the added benefit of helping to keep the flowers hydrated. If you go with the tape grid method, make sure that it stays out of sight by filling the vase as much as possible with flowers!

Floral arrangement

Image credit:  Sweetpea’s Inc.

Placing the Flowers

When you’re ready to create the arrangement, re-cut the stems, but ensure they’re still long enough so that when the flowers are standing, they’re about one and half times the height of the vase.

Next, start placing the flowers. Start with the biggest flower variety first, and then work your way down to the smallest variety. This way it’ll be easy to fill in any gaps and keep the same variety of flower spaced out appropriately. This should also help you separate out similar colored flowers so there’s no one bunch of colors.

If you still have some gaps left over, fill them in with greenery, such as some of the trimmed stems or perhaps even plantings like baby’s breath.

Flowers arranged in a jar

Image credit:  Feeeeeeee

Check the Arrangement From Every Angle

When you’re done placing the flowers, put them on something that can spin, like a lazy spin. This is important because it will allow you easily look at the arrangement from every angle to see if any of the flowers need to be moved and to ensure there are no unsightly gaps (and that there’s no clear tape sticking out).

Floral arrangement

Image credit:  Ralph Daily

Now that you’ve created a lovely flower arrangement, keep it looking its best by re-cutting the stems occasionally as well as feed it water as often as necessary.


Main image credit:  Sodanie Chea

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